About Us

SMART – Sheet Metal Air Rail Transportation

The Sheet Metal Workers (SMART) represent over 136,000 highly trained craftsman within the unionized sheet metal industry. Individuals can work their way up through the trade earning an income while working to complete a 5-year apprenticeship program. Choose from a variety of sheet metal career paths including service, industrial, balancing, sheet metal craftsman, sheet metal foreperson and sheet metal attendant. If working in the field is not your preferred work environment, there are many in-office jobs supporting the industry including estimators, safety, BIM, project engineering and more.

Why Union:

· Union workers make an average of 19% more than non-union workers.
· No college degree required; earn why you learn.
· Through negotiation, workers receive regular pay increases.
· Pension benefits.
· Health benefits.

What is Sheet Metal:

Sheet metal is any metal that can be formed into flat pieces of varying thickness including steel, mild steel, tin, nickel, titanium, aluminum, brass, and copper.

Craftsmen bend, cut, weld, and mold these pieces of metal into objects including ductwork, airplane wings, car bodies, restaurant equipment, and more. Sheet metal is the only construction that designs, manufactures, and installs its own products.